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  Product Description

» Model No. : HTD Profile

» 3mm teeth pitch

» Material: Black Rubber

» It may solve the problems such as low transmission efficiency and lubrication oil required under the status of high speed when using the chain, distance limit between the drive part and slave drive part when using the gear.

» Glass fiber as tensile member , no elongation of rubber belt.

» Excellent heat -resistance , oil-proof and wearing resistance

» Higher transmission efficiency can be guaranteed under the condition of large change of operation speed and temperature.

  Raw Materials:

» Top Rubber : CR HNBR : Protect the lining tensile member.

» Tensile Member : Glass Fiber : Core material to pass the dynamic force

»Teeth Rubber : CR HNBR : Protect the tensile member and maintain the shape of the rubber.

»Teeth Fabric : Elastic Fabric : Maintain the shape of the adhesive tape and teeth.

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